22-Dec-08: Introduction

I’ve created this blog to provide an informal means to communicate with Old Caluclator Web Museum (http://oldcalculatormuseum.com) visitors on vintage calculator-related topics which aren’t necessarily related to museum postings, but more along the lines of “stream of consciousness”.  Since the museum web pages aren’t updated all that frequently, this blog can be a means by which frequent museum visitors can learn what is going on “behind the scenes” in the Old Calculator Museum.


I’ll make postings here on projects that the museum has going on, discoveries found, troubleshooting and technical topics, and just about anything else that may be of interest to vintage calculator enthusiasts.


So, check this blog frim time to time to see what’s up.


Thanks for visiting the Old Calculator Web Museum. 


Rick Bensene, Curator

One Response to “22-Dec-08: Introduction”

  1. James Driver Says:

    HI; I stumbled over your site…
    I worked on a SCM Marchant programble based on a IBM
    Selectric in the late 1960’s. i wrote a prime # generator. much fun.
    HP Basicc and Commoodor even more so. Years ago I Wrote a
    HTMLWEBB site (googgle jdriver12) on a optical paradox.
    Time flies.

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