31-Dec-08: Best wishes for 2009!

I apologize for the lack of posting over the past few days.  I’ve been out of town, and prior to that, the weather was doing all it could to keep me preoccupied. Fortunately, the snow is almost all gone now, and we managed through with no damages, in spite of deep snow, ice, and power outages. It wasn’t so for many other folks in the region, who suffered from downed trees, burst pipes, collapsed roofs, gutters torn off, and other collateral damage from the snow and ice. 

Monday a Wang 360SE electronics package arrived, courtesy of Mr. Arnold Allen, who kindly sent this machine, along with the Wang 370/371 mentioned in earlier postings, as well as a bunch of Wang Laboratories calculator documentation and a stack of Olivetti Programma 101 documentation.  The parcel with the 360SE had been sent out weeks ago, but due to the 40-year winter storm here, it was delayed because delivery vehicle could not make it up the hill to our property.

The parcel was opened today, and the electronics package made the trip without any signs of obvious damage. It was fortunately very well-packed and double boxed.  The outer box looked like it had been through a very rough time, but the inner box was untouched.  Double-boxing is the only way to go when shipping these old machines around.  Time didn’t permit today to do a detailed inspection of the 360SE, but time should present itself over the next few days.

A little time was spent today pulling transistors off of the “570” Logibloc from the Wang 370 and testing them.  This is tedious work, but so far, no bad transistors have been found.  There are still a number of transistors left to be tested.  Those tested so far were replaced.  Over the coming days, I hope to test the rest of the transistors in the logic that decodes the timing chain flip flop outputs.

It’s New Year’s Eve, with the end of 2008 coming in less than 7 hours, and a brand new year to look forward to.

It is my sincere hope that 2009 brings peace, prosperity, health, and happiness to all. 

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