This blog is an adjunct to the Old Calculator Web Museum website (http://oldcalculatormuseum.com).  Its purpose is to provide a more “real time” place for the me, the museum curator (Rick Bensene) to post thoughts, discoveries, experiences, and “insider information” relating to the Old Calculator Museum, the website, and the old calculators that are such a fascination to me, as well as a forum for visitors to comment about the postings.  The museum website is a rather static place, with new exhibits, materials, and other related information posted on an erratic basis as time and resources permit.  This blog is a place where I can ramble on about whatever rattles through my head at any given time, without all of the overhead of the preparation required for an update to the museum website.  I hope that visitors find the information posted here an interesting addition to the materials posted on the museum website, and invite your comments.

Thanks for visiting the Old Calculator Web Museum, and this blog.

Rick Bensene

One Response to “About”

  1. Larry Domash Says:

    Hi Rick

    Two questions. I am looking for a well preserved Friden from the 1960’s like the one’s I used to use when I had summer jobs at government physics labs. Any leads would be appreciated.

    If I find one it is likely to need mechanical restoration. Do you know anyone who does this?

    Thanks very much,

    Larry Domash
    Conway, Massachusetts

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